Vertagear Racing Series Pillow Sc

Vertagear Racing Series Pillow Sc

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  • Gaming can be an intense activity that requires thousands of hours of play to reach the pinnacle of skill. Day in day out, we sit in our chairs, lean back against our headrest, and grind. But most people arent aware that by doing so we transmit billions of bacteria and odor particles to the headrest.
  • We're bringing you the industry's first solution to this over- looked issue by introducing our new hygenic pillow cover: the Racing Series Pillow Sc.

What makes our pillow cover hygenic? By infusing the fabric with silver lining and coffee grounds, we've created a cover that is both antibacterial and anti-odor. Here's how it works.

Silver Lining

Silver is long hailed for its antibacterial properties. Silver interrupts bacteria's ability to form chemical bonds critical to its survival, so when bacteria meets silver it falls apart. Hospitals and healthcare facilities utilize this unique trait of silver by employing an array of silver-imbedded equipment such as surgical tools, needles, stethoscopes, and wound dressings.

Coffee Fiber

It's crazy to think that the coffee we drink can be used in fabric as a deodorizing agent. When roasted, coffee beans swell, expanding the space within. During subsequent brewing hot water removes materies clogging up the space.

But how exactly is coffee made into fiber? Recycled coffee grounds are collected and processed through a patented method before being combined with polymer. The combination of the processed grounds and recycled plastic creates masterbatches, which are carrier resins then used to create the extrusion of yarn. The yarn produced carries with it a number of features that put it above other common fabrics.

Odor Control

The patented technology of producing coffee fiber maximizes the functionality of the grounds. When odor particles pass through the coffee grounds, they are absorbed into the pores. The odor is left undetectable to your nose, and best of all, this function permanently exists and does not wash away.

Quick Drying

Coffee fiber moves moisture away from the skin to the outer surface, speeding the drying process considerably. The moisture is spread across the surface and increases the contact area to air. This is also a permanent function of coffee fiber.

Environmentally Friendly

By using disposed coffee grounds, coffee fiber is the first film material developed without the use of food-based production. In recycling the grounds, the resources required to produce the fabric are minimal. The use of naturally-occurring silver also adds to the eco-friendliness of the pillow cover.

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    Vertagear Racing Series SC Headrest Pillow
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