One-piece hotel cotton pure white bed Li

One-piece hotel cotton pure white bed Li

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Product details of One-piece hotel cotton pure white bed Li

Product Description:

Material: cotton pattern: striped

Linen bed Li size:120 cm x 190 cm 150x190 cm 180x200 cm color classification: 40 branch encryption thick satin

Product grade: Qualified Products






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Payment before please pro first and we communication, by the default shipping to shoot the payment after, Such as due to overweight, freight is not enough, very sorry, we will not delivery!

Please note:1, Hotel Supplies price fluctuations in large2, Wholesale product amount of most of take the freight way3, Shipping to mention pay4.To shoot the after please inform customer service to modify the price

★ Delivery way instructions★

Line city hair Express,-wire three off the assembly line city hair logistics:

Line city: Guangdong Province(first weight 1 kg in the 8 yuan, Continued heavy 1 kg plus one yuan)

-Wire city: Beijing Tianjin Shandong Hebei Henan Northeast Jiangxi Fujian Hunan Hubei Jiangxi three west Sichuan Chongqing SHAANXI(direct 25 yuan Transit 15 yuan)

Three Line city: Xinjiang Tibet Qinghai Gansu Inner Mongolia Yunnan Guangxi Hainan Ningxia Guizhou(direct 30-40 yuan, Transit 20 yuan)

[About products] We the product pictures are for real shooting, Due to shooting technology and display the reason, May will have color, are in kind for Quasi, Offer, please understand. The custom the, we can be based on customers provide the sample production.

Small common sense: Pro, toothbrush in the transport in inevitably will run into squeeze testing toothbrush deformation, If you encounter this way the by, please you do not worry, You only need to the applicable before with water Speak toothbrush hot with a single click. On the upstream as Oh!! I wish you shopping happy! Thank you!

[Custom logo]We can be based on you the need to, in the product or bag's on the printed toLogo, Company name, contact way and other information, to provide, price range, can contact us to discuss. You in this shop to see the picture General for regular products(currency). Custom products, must be send to send sample.

[Payment settlement]We recommend that you use AliPay trading. Such as you order products, to be square down payment models40%Deposit, balance the AliPay in a first shot after pay the principles.

[Supply cycle]Shot before please pro ask product inventory, logistics and other, with spot1, Work day of delivery; there is no spot, production cycle to, as the product number of and capacity and set. Custom products, production cycle15-20Days(40%Down payment models to, balance to play on the AliPay, date count from), Logistics time, as the two time distance and logistics by and set. Of the shop the most of the Hotel, goods of a large, part of the product to be custom, At the same time to avoid transport company to half-way delay, The more far or a emergency the boss's in advance order.

[Goods sign for] goods please face to face check the after again sign, Such as found goods number of, quality have problem please let courier staff testify and camera left certificate, Immediately with our customer service to get contact, to determine the fact that hand rear can be for replenishment, for goods.

[Goods returned] goods store with quality problem, in not use, accessories intact the case under, Can be diao huan the value of the product or back out. Return should be in close cargo of the from the 24 hours within the application, and the application of the from the 24 hours in the send back. To the future in may show up the questions or concerns, please buyers in time with customer service contact, To beneficial to trade. If is our responsibility, Wrong hair, less hair, quality problem is shipping with I square size, If not shipping by buyers self-care.

[Freight] need to self-mention

[Freight]--Wholesale goods most of take the freight way,3To5About days arrival(as the distance), Goods to after to be you to freight company where the freight station delivery. Price: direct city10-30Yuan a box cargo, transit county-level city20-40Yuan around, shipping the best is put! Freight the specific operation instructions: Dongguan, a national the freight system, General all is individual transport BOSS Business The to a city, the automotive line, a day1To2Class, from Dongguan to which city, the line. General we issue the after2-5Days in the on the can reach(as the distance). To the freight company will by phone number contact you, Let you to their designated the unloading point to take goods, shipping general a box charge15Yuan30Yuan ranging from, box number of the more, shipping also will be a little off point, Shipping and time is based on you from Dongguan, the distance and if the big city with relationship. This way is in addition to Jiangsu, Zhejiang and outside user with the more the way, The main advantage is fast and cheap, United primary is need to you own to unloading station Self-mention and can not be in the online real-time query to the goods Logistics State;If goods to and then called them to send home, delivery charges are is more high.

Please note: If you have freight station best hair Cargo logistics Oh!

[Express] Shipping home

[Express]--General express shipping owned table Jiangsu, Zhejiang in the first weight8Yuan/Kg, added weight3Yuan/Kg; other In the first weight15Yuan, continued heavy10Yuan/Kg, a small amount of goods can be go express, and a box with teeth1000Sets/Box or2000Sets/Box on the difference not more20 kgHeavy, therefore hair express you is not cost-effective.











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  200 cm x 200 cm
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